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Bringing Business and Experts Together


Type of Skills

NoTime Experts are often used for inbound sales enquiries, for the frontline call handling, reservations, online sales inbound lead management as well as existing customer support, onboarding, renewals and campaigns


E-Learning Materials

Businesses publish their learning materials for each skill. You will go through this information and take the quiz. Once you passed, NoTime will start sending calls from that skill. E-learning material also includes FAQ and customer qualification questions


Weekly Retainer Fee

Some businesses want to guarantee that there will be trained experts available in their working hours. Therefore they pay weekly retainer fee as long as you are logged in during their office hours and were active 70% of the login time.


Net Promoter Score

Customers can leave a score for your service as they answer a single question; “How likely would you recommend the service you received today to your friends and your family?”. As you build higher positive feedback, you may receive invites for the higher rate skills such as retention, new business and VIP sales.

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