5 Steps to Qualify a Remote Working Job

Yigit Zorlu November 12, 2020
Setting Up a Pay as You Use Consumer Helpline

There are many ads out there, promising to earn up to a ridiculous amount just by working from home, usually with no skills or previous experience. Here are the steps to qualify these jobs and find the right one for you;

1. Protect Your Personal Data

Unfortunately, many remote working job posts out there do not actually exist or have inflated take-home payment figure. They are often used to access your personal details such as name, email, phone, city you live in and in some cases your social media feed etc. You should check the remote working job ads in detail when they ask a lot of personal information.

2. Passive Income Jobs

Passive income often refers to jobs which make money by itself, without you doing anything or very little. These are usually drop-shipping, reselling foreign-produced goods in popular e-commerce sites or stock market investment type of functions which require capital i.e. your hard-earned cash. If they wouldn’t be very risky, the advertisers would invest in themselves and they wouldn’t need your money. Remember; people often make more money by teaching how to make money from stock market than the actual stock trading itself. Always do your own research and ask the question “Why do they need my money?”.

3. 3. Telesales / Cold-Calling Jobs

I understand that you have to make a living, especially in these tough times. However, you have to also remember that cold-calling sales probability is extremely low. Targeted, high probability cold calling is often done by the in-house sales teams. What you will be getting is one in a thousand sales probability opportunities, if you are lucky

4. Driving for Ride Hailing Services

Fallback job for many people is driving ride hailing services. They do offer some earnings, however you have to maintain your car and consider other expenses. Also, they are not home-based and you have to make a compromise in your social life. Finally, there is no financial reward or career progression in these jobs. You will not make more money or win more business if you perform better and if you are more experienced.

5. Becoming a Freelance Customer Expert

This job is about answering customer calls from multiple businesses and helping their customers over the phone. You will earn money based on the number of minutes you spent for each call. You will be trained for those businesses and there will also be some qualifying questions you can ask to the caller. In case you are not sure about what the caller is asking for, the system shows the frequently asked questions by other customers and you may be able to find the answers there.

Career Progression

What is great about this job is that, there is a career progression opportunity. Because you can get qualified and support many businesses, if there are no calls from one business, you can answer calls from another business. As you build positive customer feedback, you can increase your per minute rate for the calls.

Increase Your Earnings

  • Retainer Fee: Many small businesses do not have high call volumes. In order attract you to learn their skills, they offer weekly retainer payment. Once you are trained for their business, even if you haven’t answered any calls that week, as long as you were online during their working hours, you will be paid a retainer fee. You can have around 7–10 less busy skills for the retainer fees.
  • Higher per minute rates: When youbuild up higher customer scores, this will help you to get invites for the high value skills such as New Business, Online Sales Support, VIP, Wholesale where stakes of the business are high.
  • Specialist Skills: You can get qualifications and become an IT Consultant, on-call medical nurse or similar highly skilled talent. Your rate will increase significantly for those specialist skills.
  • Rate Surge: In case of an immediate high demand, some skills will temporarily increase their rates to attract more freelancers to come online and answer calls.
  • Sales Commissions: Some sales support skills can also offer commissions for the successful closures.