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NoTime pays you weekly or once your earnings reached $200. Soon, you will get paid daily.

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Outsource Call Center Payment

Pre-Paid Service

NoTime is a pre-paid service. Businesses credit their accounts before you start taking their calls. There is no risk of late payment or no payment due to issues at the companies you support.


Blend Local and Overseas Resources

You can use talents local to the caller for more critical skills and overseas talent for other skills. This will help you to manage your budget efficiently and also cover out of hours talent needs easily.


Weekly Retainer Fee

If your business does not have high volume of calls but need skilled agents available in your working hours, offering weekly retainer fee will attract more talent to qualify for your skills and become available online.


Instant Budget Savings

As you improve your business processes and online tools, your business will be incentivised immediately. There will be less calls, less spending on your NoTime budget when you improve efficiency in your business.

NoTime Payment Process


Making Earnings

As you learn skills, take calls, claim retainer fees and referral rewards, your earnings will increase and you will be eligible for the payment.


Automated Payment

NoTime pays you automatically every Friday, regardless of the earnings you made. The payment can be check, bank transfer or any other payment option NoTime offers.


Request Payment

You can also request payment once your overall earnings reach minimum $200. Payment will be sent same day as a check or a bank transfer.

Outsource Call Center Payment

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