PC, Headset, Internet and Go

You can start working today with a standard PC, simple headphone and a reliable Internet access

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Work from Anywhere and Anytime in NoTime


Avoid Background Noise

All the calls in NoTime are recorded. Therefore, it is important to eliminate any background noise and prefer indoor areas for remote working to minimise the effects of wind and other noise.


Mobile Phone Alternative

If you experience an unexpected Internet audio quality issue, you can receive customer calls from your mobile phone. There will be a cost to send the call to your phone but it is quite small.


Keep Spares

Headphones, Laptop chargers are the items often break down or lost. You should have a second headphone and a spare laptop charger, especially if you are based outside the central areas.


Avoid Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones, airpods and other bluetooth headsets often have interference, battery and other issues and not suitable for taking business calls 5-hours a day. Prefer wired headsets with wind-proof microphone.


No IPad or Tablets

Tablet and IPad browsers are often restricted and not supported in NoTime. Chromebook, Windows 10 PCs or Macbooks should be used.

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Examples of Equipment Available in the Market

You can become a NoTime Expert with a minimum startup cost.

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Amazon and BestBuy offers many alternatives for Chromebook. Chromebook is relatively cheaper than Windows 10 PCs.

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You can find many headphone alternatives. You should prefer a model that you can use for eight hours a day. Plantronics, Jabra are the manufacturers preferred by teleworkers.

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Windows 10

You need at least 8GB RAM on your Windows PC with the latest Windows 10 operating system.

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