About Us

We're on a mission to simplify customer service and make human communications more accessible and affordable between the customer and the businesses of any size.

2002 Working on Call Center solutions since 2002
1st First company to launch Call Center Mobile Agent
95% Over 95% customer retention year on year

Best customer experience is to communicate with an expert who can understand and solve their problems.

Since 2014, we have helped many call centers to achieve better performance with our software applications and new concepts such as call center mobile agents. Now, we aim to challenge the existing call center model with shared agents.

We want businesses to have no barriers to build a call center including talent. This is only possible with shared freelance call center agents and easy access to overseas talent. We offer all the call center functionality as a service which performs much better than the current model.

Businesses can easily scale up and down their call center capacity, agents can build online reputation with their past performance for better credibility and higher earnings.

Our Leadership Team

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Founder / CEO

Yigit Zorlu

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VP Operations

Naoimh McElroy

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VP Strategy and Partnerships

Riccardo Bua

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VP Enterprise Knowledge Mgmt. Systems

Merve Senturk PhD